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READesign® Library Makeover Project

What is READesign® Library Makeover ?

The READesign® Library Makeover revitalizes elementary school libraries into warm, friendly places that engage children in learning, creating a love of reading. Each themed READesign® Library Makeover includes vibrant paint, murals or original paintings by a nationally recognized artist, new furniture, and 1,000-2,000 new, high-quality library books.

The READesign® Library Makeover program engages volunteers, especially local youth, as well as corporate team members and other members of the community, in service and community involvement through library beautification and improvement activities, book distributions and one-on-one reading activities with children. The project provides tangible results in the form of a revitalized library, as well as the intangible results of engaging people in caring, compassionate community service to children in need.

What are READesign® Library Makeovers Like?

Fresh and Vibrant: Each READesign® Library Makeover includes professional design services, as well as new paint and original artwork by a nationally-recognized artist. Some libraries also receive new carpeting, lighting and cosmetic construction.

Engaging: Each library also receives age-appropriate furnishings, such as tables and chairs, computer workstations, and reading corners. Children can comfortably engage in individual study at computer workstations or activity tables or interact with one another and adults in a cozy reading corner.

Resource Rich: Each school receives 1,000 to 2,000 new books for the school library, and many also receive new technology, such as new computers, iPads or interactive whiteboards. Additionally, all students receive new books to take home to add to their home libraries.

Fun! In addition to a new library, students are invited to participate in a community reading celebration to kick-off the new library.


How Do Schools or Organizations Apply ?

We are not currently accepting applications for this program, however we are accepting program inquiries. Click here to submit yours and share more information about your school with us. We will keep your information on file and will contact you should opportunities become available in your area.


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